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Timeless Auto Group has established itself as an industry leader in the leasing business being one of the first concierge brokers in NJ originally LAX-LEASE AUTO XCHANGE/AMGLease since 2013. We aren't just looking to make a quick sale but build a lasting relationship with all our clients. We have never lost a sale over price.  Our policy is totally transparent with our client, we structure all our deals in the clients best interest, based on their needs. Not only are our prices the lowest in the market, we also hunt down any possible rebate that you may qualify for. We have sold cars all over the country and because of our high volume dealers give us their best offer right away, so no more haggling and spending hour negotiating. We have built relationships with volume dealerships nationwide, allowing us to save our customers thousands of dollars on virtually any vehicle from Kia to Bentley. Our staff consistently researches the market place for the most up-to-date incentives and competitive pricing available. The best part all our work is done over the phone or email, whichever is your preferred choice.  Welcome to the new world of car buying.  Not only do we specialize in helping you find the car of your dreams new or pre-owned, if you need help with repairs we work with the best body shops in the tri-state area that work with all insurance companies guaranteeing you excellent work and service, if you forgot to purchase tire insurance, lease wear and tear, or just an extended warranty all our products are top of the line with zero deductible custom tailored to your needs, if you're looking to rent an exotic or a day to day car, we also have you covered.  We have pre-negotiated prices for all your rental needs.  Looking to customize your vehicle? from vehicle wraps, to powder coating your rims our affiliates are top notch and give VIP pricing to all our clients. Looking to get out of your car early, or are just interested in selling your car? We are also affiliated with KBB buyback program giving you top dollar for your vehicle  backed by Kelly Blue Book. Finally,  if you need to return your lease but don't know where to go we got you covered!  Timeless Auto Brokers are not your typical brokers, we do all the work for you to truly give you the only destination for all of your car needs.


The advantages of leasing are lower monthly payments, more vehicle for less money, little or no cash outlay, warranty throughout the life of the lease, preservation of capital, less sales tax based on the monthly payment not the purchase price, and possible tax benefits. If you take care of your vehicle and stay under your allowed mileage you have a good chance of getting out of the car up to a year early, with a slight possibility of having some equity in the vehicle. There aren't many disadvantages to leasing a car when dealing with us.  We specialize in early lease termination, so we start to explore your options up to a year prior to your lease being up.   Just remember you are leasing the car, the bank owns the car and its going to want it back in almost perfect condition.  We have programs that cover you for that as well.  One of our most popular programs is the wear and tear programs which gives you a $5000 damage waiver.   Remember even if your lease isn't up today you might still be able to get out of it penalty free.




Depending on the vehicle and availability anywhere from 24 hours to 72 hours.  If a vehicle needs to be located the wait could take a few days longer, but our goal is to save you time, so in the perfect scenario you can be in your new car within 24-48 hours.  Regardless, if the vehicle is not available we will still price out a vehicle thats in stock and ready to be taken home right away.  In the event the car you are looking for is not available, you can always order the vehicle based to your specification.  Depending on the Manufacture delivery times can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. 



Leasing will always be the better choice unless one reason, you're purchasing a used vehicle that has already taken a big hit on its depreciation and you don't drive often.  Remember, as the vehicle gets older maintaining the vehicle will become more and more expensive as the vehicle gets older.  Also, 99% of all vehicles do not hold their value.  Even though you might not have a payment anymore after you've completed your 60-72 month finance, now you have to worry about upkeep and maintaining the vehicle in good condition to pass inspection and to always be safe on the road.  When leasing a vehicle, even if you drove 25K miles per year, in most case the lease payment will still be less than a finance.

Say you pick up a lease with 25K miles annually

1. Things in life always change, you might move or take a job somewhere closer and you wont need to drive as much

2. You purchase the vehicle after the lease is over, this way you've consistently kept your payments lower and you had 3 years to see if you even want to keep the car.  As I said before a lot of things can happen, if you get into an accident the value of the car drops by thousands of dollars, and you don't want to be stuck with a car because of a bad carfax.

3. If you do decide to purchase the vehicle after the lease we provide you additional warranty at a reasonable fee.  Most dealerships charge anywhere from $3-7,000 depending on the coverage, we give you the same coverage for roughly 50% off. Also, to all our business owners leasing a vehicle is a great tax write off.


Well depending on how long you've been in the car, what the condition of the vehicle is, and how many miles you have on your car, and what your buyout is. Also, since the COVID-19 pandemic the used car market has increased drastically.  We have gotten people out of their vehicles 18 months into their lease and have even given them a check on the spot if their vehicle has any type of equity.  We specialize in early lease termination, where we either find someone to take over full financial responsibility, or we find someone to buy the car out. Regardless you're in good hands with us.  We help find a new home for your vehicle 75% of the time. 
Dealerships "handle it" by sending the car to an auction and get what they like to call "fair price" leaving you responsible with the difference, or they roll your remaining payments into a new car increasing your car payment over $100 a month.  Talk to one of our associates about getting out of the car early our promise is to leave you satisfied. 


Most leasing companies will allow for a few small door dings, scratches, stone chips, and interior wear that typically occurs over a three year period. However, anything neglected you will be charged a hefty fee.  Cracked windshield, bald tires, dents, and body damaged that is not professionally repaired will be charged back to you after you turn in your vehicle.  Thats why we come and inspect the car for you before your return and then give you a side by side estimate to what it would cost to fix with us, or let the dealership fix it.  We have saved thousands of dollars to our clients by inspecting their vehicle prior to return.  We also offer lease wear and tear that will cover you up to $5,000 worth of damage, and the all in one tire replacement, cosmetic rim repair, windshield crack repairs, lost key coverage up to 1 key per year, and additional road side assistance.   From day one we got you covered



The reason why is because we get the lowest possible price a car could be sold because of the volume of cars we sell for the dealership.  Also, our minimal overhead allows us to be more aggressive in our pricing, as a sales person at a dealership gets paid a small percentage commission so every dollar counts.    We make sure that all these extra fees are removed.


Since we are only a concierge service, all contracts, warranties, maintenance programs etc are directly from the dealer.  If we found you a BMW today, you will be able to bring it to any BMW dealership in North America for all services and repairs. Also, your lease would be with BMW Financial Services not us.  



Since we work with every make and model, we have the ability to look through inventory of all the local dealerships when it comes to new vehicles.  As for used cars, we purchase our vehicle directly from the auction saving our clients thousands of dollars.  As discussed before we are bringing you an experience, filled with transparency, honesty, and relationship building.   We have been in business for over 7 years and 80% of our business is return customers, or referrals from one of our previous customers.   This shows the true integrity, that our word is worth gold.  We will rather turn away business rather than lie and  pretend we can do something we cannot.  Timeless Auto Brokers promises to stay in touch with all our clients to make sure they are fully satisfied with their vehicle throughout the life of the purchase.  Need us to setup a service appointment? NO PROBLEM.  Want to get out of the car early? NO PROBLEM. Early lease termination is our specialist.  We Look forward to hearing from you and earning your business!



 We have sold cars to celebrities and average Joes.  They all get the same treatment and if there is a way we can help we will.  We are not selling cars here we our selling our promise and commitment to help you in any situation you may be in. Loyalty is the form of flattery in this business. So please give us a call, lets chat and see how we can help you out.  My promise to you is I will treat you with respect and honor as everyone else.  Most importantly we provide you a service that gives you something money cant buy -TIME.   

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